Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hull Fittings

     Just a short post tonight, concerning thru-hull fittings. Sea Ray used plastic fittings when my boat was built. The danger here is that these fittings weaken and embrittle over time, and can crack or break off completely at the hose nipple. Imagine if that happened to a bilge pump discharge line - now the bilge can't empty, and there is a hole into the boat near the water line. Failures like this have sunk many boats - mine won't be one of them.
     An old friend (not that he's old; I've just known him a long time..... does that mean we are both old?) came up to help me with this job recently, and it went quite smoothly. We removed all 5 of the plastic engine room fittings, and replaced them with stainless steel.

      I will upgrade the remaining fittings on the boat as time permits. These were the most important to do, before the new engines go in. All in all, an easy upgrade, and not too expensive. The peace of mind? Priceless.....

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