Saturday, July 23, 2011

Engines Installed, and Exhaust Modificatioins

     Well, they're in and running! The biggest change from the stock factory configuration is the relocated exhaust, which I discussed in a previous post. Now, I have a few pictures of the space created between the front of the engines, and the water lift mufflers:

     The factory setup has far less room in front of the engines, but by reconfiguring the water lift muffler inlets, I was able to move the mufflers aft about 10 inches, creating almost a foot of space between them and the engines. Now, water pump service doesn't require removing the mufflers!! So, without further rantings and ravings on my part, here is the finished product:

     There is so much more room to work on them now, there is no comparison to the factory setup. I can stand to the side of either engine, and by removing just the two center exhaust hoses, I can stand between the engines, and access the water pumps, bilge pumps, and manifolds. Success!

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  1. Great Job!
    Looks beautiful.
    Thanks for taking the time to post all the details.
    I appreciate it!