Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Teak Trim

I had done some work on the wetbar last year, installing a new sink and mixer faucet, but I did not consider the project complete. The wetbar was trimmed with vinyl and plastic, but I just didn't have time last year to replace that stuff with something nicer. So, this winter, I made a new trash chute lid, back-splash, and drink holder out of 1" thick solid teak.

The drink holder was first. The factory one was simply a piece of plastic with 2 holes in it, and spaced up from the base by about 3/4". Any drinks placed in it would fall over when even the smallest waves hit the boat, so I wanted something better. Here are the components:

The base is milled with a wedge shape, to help level the entire assembly. The aluminum spacers are threaded at both ends, and highly polished. Once assembled, it looks like this:

And, when combined with the new back-splash and trash chute lid, the wetbar looks like this:

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