Friday, September 19, 2014

New Posts

OK, so I have been away from this blog for quite a while, due mainly to a lack of time, with my resources being devoted to the new business (DD Fabrication & Marine - 845-564-2106) through which anyone can purchase any of the items I have fabricated on this blog, as well as any custom parts a customer may require. I can work from your sketch or concept, or, if you are not TOO far away, we can set up a visit, and I'll come to your location and measure for whatever parts you need. To date, I have made helm and cockpit tables, davit systems, custom bracketry of all sorts, exhaust components, speaker spacers, enclosures, TV brackets, drink holders, etc. I'll try to post some pictures of these items in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, I have done some more work to the 340, and I'll be posting details of this work shortly. Mustang has a new cockpit table, underwater lighting, and a handheld VHF charging station that I am sure will be well received, along with a few other updates.

Stay tuned - I'm back.

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