Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And Some Interior Pictures......

Here are some shots of the completed interior.....


  1. Wow that's a fantastic job gives me some great ideas for my new boat . I like the tv mounted above the rear berth did you screw into the vinyl and how did you run the wires looks fantastic . Also my cabinet doors are white I want to make the look like yours but don't want to break the bank any suggestions

  2. Hi for the great restoration looks really great. I'm trying to understand how to take out my interior headliner. I said his little plastic clips or buttons I think cover the screw hole. I'm not sure these are glued in place Or clipped in Place. Do you know how to remove ?

  3. @John,
    I stumbled on this late. If you're still interested, I believe @MasterFab likely used 3M DI-NOC or a similar type of vinyl-wrap (similar to car-wrap material, with woodgrain finishes, embossed and twice as thick). Off the top of my head, Belbien and Koroseal are the two major competitors.

    PS - @MasterFab, awesome refurb!