Saturday, November 6, 2010

A New Workspace

In order to complete the restoration, over the cold New England winter months, I needed to construct a shelter over the boat. I considered a steel building, or even new construction with a foundation, but these options were just too expensive. Kits for portable garages and greenhouse style shelters are also available, but these ran about $5,000 for the size I needed, and I thought that was a bit much also. So, I designed a structure based on schedule 40 black pipe footings, driven deeply into the ground, with 1" EMT structure mounted on top of them. The EMT fittings are available online from, along with some very useful information, and the pipe and EMT are local hardware store items. I procured the actual tarp from I used the heavy white tarp, in a 40' x 60' size. Once the tarp was stretched over the structure, I screwed it every 18 inches, at the bottom, to wooden strips that are U-bolted to the pipe. All in all, it worked out beautifully, and I now have a dry space to work all winter. As the weather gets cold, I will be putting heat out there as well....

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