Sunday, December 12, 2010

Engine Room Aft

     The rear of the engine room was quite a mess, as you can see from the pictures in my first entry back in November. I took a couple pics from this area after everything was removed, and a couple more last night, after the paint was applied to this area. Note that the rigging and wiring on the rear bulkhead was all removed to allow for painting, then re-loomed with a superior layout. All the bonding system junction points were disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, and reassembled. The trim pump wiring was similarly disassembled, shortened to provide for a nice neat fit, and re-loomed. The butt splice connector on the ground was removed, and replaced with a weathertight connector, for improved reliability and easier servicing of the pump, if necessary. The blower ducts were raised, the bends were given greater radii for improved air flow, and additional tie-wraps were fitted, for increased mounting integrity. I will be reinstalling the bilge pumps, float switches, and discharge lines in the next few days, along with the steering gear. The pics show the progression...

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