Friday, December 24, 2010

Vacuflush Vacuum Generator

     I mentioned in my last post that I had rebuilt the vacuum generator. Once it was reassembled and tested, I started machining the parts I would need to suspend the vacuum generator from the deck, in order to eliminate the factory mounting on top of a water heater.

      The new parts are shown in the picture above. This bracket is made from 1/2" polyethylene material (Starboard). All mounting hardware is countersunk for a smooth finished product. There is a reinforcing member behind the pump, to prevent the bracket from flexing during rough weather. Two stainless steel brackets were bolted to the deck, and the pump was suspended from them with additional stainless steel fasteners, as seen below:
     This picture also details the freshly painted port side engine room, and the new LED lighting I added. The factory engine room lighting is weak, with only four small lights. One is located above the generator, two at the front bulkhead, and one at the transom. Unfortunately, they are dim, mounted low, and are almost totally obscured by the engines and support equipment. My solution was to bond a continuous waterproof LED light strip around the entire perimeter of the engine room hatch. I also replaced the incandescent light bulbs in the factory light fixtures with LED lamps. The total lighting amp draw in the bilge is now less than before, and I have far more light to work with. In addition, shadows have been almost entirely eliminated, and that makes working in here a lot more enjoyable.
     Next, I will be plumbing the holding tank and pump-out line, installing the new hot water heater, and piping the head.

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