Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Generator Fuel Filter

     OK, it's official - I ordered the generator. Estimated delivery is in about 2 weeks. So, in order to have everything ready for the installation, I removed the old generator fuel lines, filter housing and bracket, battery cables, etc. And that brings me to today's post - the fuel filter housing and bracket. As I began to remove the housing, I noticed that it was very easy to bend back and forth, because the bracket is made of plastic.

Thin Plastic.

For the fuel system.

On a boat.

Here it is:
      Unacceptable. Right to the trash can. A nice new bracket made out of 1/2" thick billet material is far superior, and I won't ever have to worry about my fuel system becoming detached during rough weather. The two components of the new filter housing bracket are shown below:
     Once assembled, it looks like this:
     I left a series of holes along the mounting plate, so I could adjust the height of the housing - lower for more access, and higher up, if I need the clearance. The other plate has 6 clearance holes drilled for the mounting hardware - six #12 stainless screws. Once it was complete, I mocked up the assembly, so I could get some pictures:
     While I was working on the housing, I took the time to strip and repaint it, and re-seal all the fittings. The fuel cut-off solenoid is in good working order, so I see no problems with reinstalling it. Overall, it was a couple evenings well spent.

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