Saturday, March 19, 2011

Engine Room Progress

     I know it has been a while since I posted, so I will try to make up some ground with a few posts this weekend. Since my last entry, I have installed the fresh water lines to the holding tank. The factory just ran them from the tank to the deck fittings, over the top of the fuel tank. I changed the tank fittings to 90 degree elbows, to create more room behind the transmissions. Then, i made a plastic mount for the water lines, to hold them in place, and prevent chaffing. See below:
      The plastic bracket on the left is for the AC sea strainer, while the T shaped plastic bracket on the right is for the water lines. Once installed, I covered it with the orange silicone foam, to prevent chaffing, as seen below:
      Then, I simply secured the hoses to the bracket, and everything is nice and secure. The hoses are now held nicely in place:

      As you can see, the new seacocks are now installed, along with the sea strainers. The strainers used to be mounted on cheap plywood brackets, but I did not like their position or construction, so I have fabricated all new mounts out of plastic material. Also, the AC strainer and port engine strainer were very difficult to open and service, so I moved both of them out a bit on custom spacers - see below:

I will try and post a bit more this weekend, and get caught up.

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