Thursday, May 5, 2011

They're here....

     Well, I have 3 coats of barrier coat on the bottom now. I think I will have the bottom completely done by the end of the day Sunday. Another barrier tomorrow night, then one Saturday morning, followed by the first layer of copolymer ablative later Saturday. Sunday, I will do 2 more coats of the ablative paint, and she's done. Thank goodness - I hate doing bottoms.

     Now, on to the subject of tonight's post - power. They arrived last week, and here's what they look like:

     I don't have much else for tonight. I'll get some pics of the boat bottom this weekend. The engines need to be uncrated, and then I'll consider a couple modifications. I hate the inverted oil filters - they're too small, and upside down! And the water pump is in a terrible location for service, as is the fuel cool unit. They're may be some engineering design changes coming...

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