Sunday, June 5, 2011

Engine Install....Part 2

     After the first engine was installed, I took a day to prepare the engine beds for engine #2. I wanted to make sure as many of the Tides Marine shaft seal components were ready (water lines, clamps, etc.), along with the bonding system wiring to the new shaft brushes I installed. Sea Ray didn't install shaft brushes on this model year, so I added them (it's a lot easier to do with the engines out!). In the following pic, you can also see the completed fuel line for the starboard engine, already connected to the fuel cooler:
     The engine mount brackets are installed at this point as well, everything is in place, and the prop shaft is retracted enough so it won't get damaged or bent during the engine lift. Just like before, the first step was to get the engine out of the garage, and onto the driveway for the initial lift into a truck:
     Once in the truck, my brother and I unbolted the engine from the pallet, and lifted it clear:
     Then, over the transom (when the most nail-biting takes place), and into position for the drop (we'll call that a controlled lowering from now on...):
     And in position, ready to be lowered:
     A bit of wiggling around, and she settled onto the mounts:
     And it appears I am losing my hair! Many thanks to my wife for capturing the aging process when I wasn't looking...
     When all was said and done, the finished engine installations looked like this:

     Next time, I'll get back to the smaller details of specific system installations, shaft alignment, etc. But for now, I am just glad they're in!!!

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