Monday, June 27, 2011


     Just a quick post today, and a few more pics. The steering system and rudders are now installed, as you can see:
     All the components of the steering system are tied into the vessel's bonding system. I did re-route the factory's wiring setup, to make it neater and more secure. All the wire ends have been re-crimped and soldered, then insulated with adhesive lined shrink tubing. That's the way all the wiring is on the boat, actually.
     When I installed the rudders, I left 0.010" vertical clearance in the system, to allow for thermal expansion, movement of the hull, etc. This will assure that the rudders don't become pinched or bound as the hull expands and contracts, but is not so much to allow the rudders to "bounce around". Also, the rudders are not set such that they are exactly parallel to each other, as that can result in vibration while underway. Instead, the rudders are ever so slightly splayed, relative to each other, so that an opposing force is created while the vessel is underway. As I said, a short post today, but more to come......

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