Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flooring and Trim

My wife has wanted a new floor in the cabin since we bought the boat. The original carpet was getting old, and some stains just wouldn't come out of it. So, we decided to go with a modern wood floor inside the boat.

I started by removing all the old carpeting in the cabin - both in the mid stateroom, and the main cabin. It's glued and stapled down, so it takes some time to get it up, and it's a slow process. Much of the adhesive is left behind on the cabin sole, and it creates a rough, irregular surface, so it also has to be removed. I spent a few hours on my hands and knees with scrapers, razor blades, and a belt sander to get it all off, but it is done.

The flooring I am using is an engineered product, with a composite backing, and a hickory top (yes, hickory). The composite backing provides good resistance to dimensional changes from temperature and humidity fluctuations, while the Hickory is a beautiful contrast with the Cherry cabinetry.

I have a few pictures for today - but they are really just teaser shots. I had to make 2 new hatches for the cabin sole - the old ones were just not up to my standards. Also, I wanted some trim to go around each hatch, so I decided on some solid custom teak. I had a nice 5/4 teak plank left over from a previous project, so I milled that into the required trim items. There are 13 different pieces, each custom fitted. Four are below:

These were shot before finishing to match the flooring, but I am not posting those pics until the floor is done. The new hatches are seen below:

 They still need some finish work, but they are roughed out, as you can see. I'll post more of the flooring soon - it's actually already installed, but I need to do a little cleanup first....

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