Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teak Decking

I have had the pleasure of working with Travis Tea and his team at TT Custom Marine, , out of North Carolina, for the new decking I will soon be installing in the 340's cockpit.

Travis sent me a series of pre-marked templates for my boat, which I then placed and aligned in the cockpit. I've made some changes to this boat (obviously), and wanted the decking to reflect the boat's custom boat builder theme. So, using a red marker, my wife and I meticulously adjusted the template to our liking. All the corners are precisely radiused, and we made sure that the spacing and alignment of each section was parallel and symmetrical.

If you look in the pics, you can see how we highlighted the proper cut lines, and left little notes for Travis and his team.

Once we were done, I decided against separating the templates from each other for shipping. Travis would have to re-assemble them, and no matter how precisely he did that, there would be increased chance for error. So, so he could see the whole picture at once, I rolled up the entire template as a unit (it was made of 3 larger panels, taped together), and shipped it in a long cardboard shipping tube. As part of the shipment, I included a CD with a dozen or so pictures of the template in the boat, after marking the corrections and changes, so Travis would have a means of seeing how the template related to the cockpit.

As the panels get installed, and as I get some pictures taken, I'll do a post or two on the installation. The interior is coming along too, so I'll get some pics up ASAP.

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